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Andrea Marsavonian School of Music

Providing Individual Piano Instruction, in the Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Allen, Texas area, with the Emphasis upon the Musical Development and Integration of the Whole Person…Beginners or Advanced, Children and Adults. Member National Guild of Piano Teachers.

High standards for the student desiring a solid classical background, which will prepare him for performance in ANY category of music. Learn how to acquire technique (develop your "chops”) to build your maximum finger independence and overall strength for clean, even playing and the dependability of hands and fingers to control tone, whether in the softest or heaviest of playing.

Improvisation Encouraged! Learn how to play anything on the printed page and learn to play anything you can sing! To begin, we find all of the notes of a simple melody, then, add the harmony of chords that go with that melody. Learn how to play a piece of music in different time signatures and transpose it into different keys and different styles. Learn to read Chord Symbols.

When we learn not only how to read and play a musical score; but also, how to develop our ear, then our entire musicianship potential, enters into the process of immense growth-for the rest of our lives! In the absence of this dual concentration, a significant portion of the brain remains undeveloped and, sadly, many experiences of great joy are totally missed.

One of the most essential skills of the true artist, is the development of a heightened ability to listen to what he is "getting back” as he plays. Indeed, the development of one’s ability to listen additionally heightens awareness in all life experiences!

While learning to play the piano, we discover that the piano affords us the most amazing and unique opportunity to learn to think as a conductor thinks. As a pianist, we are in charge of rehearsals, the faithfulness to a score, the tempo, the energy and mood, the "soloists” (and whether or not our melodies truly do sing!). Add to this, the accompaniment, the rhythm, the harmony and serious care re: the quality of the experience our listening, feeling audience will have. Even though it is a lot to pull together, if we begin thinking in this way, while working on an elementary level, the necessary skills are given the chance to gradually and comfortably, begin to slide into place!

Once how to practice is well established, we find that we can master our pieces, and advance much faster than earlier, we might ever have thought possible!

Located 2 minutes from Main Street and Teel Parkway
Studio (214) 387-7703
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