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The following terms must be agreed to by all Students, Parents and Guardians:

The Marsavonian School of Music has been in existence over 50 years. The principles used to teach her piano students are both time-tested and proven, as evidenced by the many student/parent testimonials given in as many decades, as well as, the overwhelming numbers of Superior and Superior Plus ratings awarded to her students in Guild Auditions.

Though Ms. Marsavonian strives to consistently provide the most optimum learning environment for her students, it is not inconceivable that once in a great while, a parent may not be able or capable of complying with the fundamental instructor/student rapport requirements. Neither the student nor the instructor (Ms. Marsavonian) should be penalized for interruptions or distractions originating with the parent or guardian, whose role is supposed to be respectfully limited to that of an observer. Of course, after a lesson has successfully concluded, Ms. Marsavonian is open to questions and/or feedback from her student’s parent or guardian, pending arrival of her next student or other previously scheduled, time-sensitive obligations.

While parents are encouraged to attend piano lessons given to their children, they must respect the role of the instructor and the manner in which the instructor guides her student. Interrupting the student, or interrupting the instructor, or repeated disruption of the lesson in its entirety, may result in immediate termination of said lesson.

Lessons are paid for in advance. Refunds are made at the sole discretion of Ms. Marsavonian, on a case-by-case basis. If an issue arises with the parent of a minor student, but the pupil is otherwise still teachable, arrangements may be made to continue providing the remaining lessons to the pupil.

Ms. Marsavonian does not believe any student should suffer because of differences (perceived or real) between herself and the parent(s)/guardians of her student.

With regard to a request for a refund, no refund is due if the instructor, acting in good faith, is willing and available to teach the student as promised and scheduled, minus the presence of any parent or guardian who may seek to disrupt future remaining piano lessons given by Ms. Marsavonian. The foregoing is for the welfare and benefit of her student and the Parent’s/Guardian’s child.

The MAJORITY of our parent/teacher relationships are Cherished, Celebrated and Mutually Enjoyed! However, it seems necessary to re-state that should piano lesson interruptions persist, Ms. Marsavonian reserves the right to terminate the lesson and respectfully ask the offending parent/guardian to leave the school immediately. Parents and guardians are encouraged to resume communication and seek (if possible) a mutually desirable and amicable resolution. If the parent or guardian of a student is unwilling to refrain from interrupting or interfering with Ms. Marsavonian's lessons, any monies paid in advance of future lessons, will be retained by Ms. Marsavonian.

Note: All Guild Audition Fees are Non-Refundable as per the Guild's fee refund policy.

Tuition is due by the first of each month.
Payments made after the 1st week are subject to a $35 Late Fee.
Tuition is non-refundable.

Effective June 1, 2022, Tuition for Weekly Private Lessons

1st full year Beginning Children ...................30 minute lesson $43.00 per week
2nd year Students and Beginning ADULTS ..45 minute lesson $64.50 per week
Adults and Youngsters ..........1 hour lesson $86.00 per week

All Costs of Tuition are subject to change, due to accelerating costs of school operation.
Enrollment is with NO Contract and NO Registration Fee.

Make-ups and Missed Lessons
Make-up lessons are not guaranteed and are limited to 4 per year. The liberal policy for make-ups of missed lessons remains, with a 24 hr. notice, unless a same day notice is necessary due to illness or a family emergency. When students with a 24 hr. notice, cannot be present for their lesson, a make-up will be scheduled for their missed lesson.


SAME-Day-Cancellations due to Scheduling Conflicts or No Illness, do not qualify for a make-up lesson.


A Missed lesson with No Call is a Non-Refundable Paid lesson, with no make-up lesson.

A full month's notice is required for any student who cannot continue lessons, for any reason.
Withdrawal from the school also forfeits make-up lessons.

Piano Camp EXPRESS! in Frisco!
An accelerated 4 week, Total Immersion course - for Only New Beginning Piano Students, Ages: 7-17.
2 (1/2 hr. private) lessons each week, in 4 consecutive weeks, with a recital of memorized pieces in the 5th week!
Tuition: $350. There are No Make-up lessons available for Piano Camp EXPRESS! and No Refunds.

Year-round, private piano lessons are concurrently available during the summer months.

Every Adult or Youngster is offered a Complimentary 1st session/lesson with Andrea Marsavonian, with no obligation.

"Opening the doors and windows of the mind and heart, through music!" - May God Bless YOU!


Andrea Marsavonian

Andrea Marsavonian, Pianist-Composer & School of Music

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