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We are so glad we found Ms. Marsavonian as our Daughter's piano teacher. Our daughter was taking piano classes for about 4 years as she was growing up elsewhere before we moved to this area and she has been the student of Ms. Marsavonian for over a year now - we can see tremendous improvement in her skill. I am no expert but I can see Ms. Marsavonian 's teaching style and technique really focuses on student mastering the music and instrument. I have also noticed she encourages student not to give up but at the same time not hard on self while practicing. Gives nice life lessons in the process to student for personality development. I strongly recommend Ms. Marsavonian and we are glad she is our daughter's teacher.

Prathap Patil

Andrea is AMAZING..... Decades of experience and a wonderful teacher. Our daughter had studied under a few other teachers for years but within the first month of working with Andrea I noticed a HUGE improvement in her playing as well as the complexity of the pieces she was undertaking. Andrea is a very serious teacher who works hard to advance students.

Rick Baker

We have been very blessed to have Miss Andrea as our daughter's piano teacher. She is an extremely talented pianist and excellent teacher. Our daughter has acquired a solid foundation and understanding of the piano as well as music. Miss Andrea has helped her to express herself creatively through music with the real knowledge that only can be taught by a real and true artist.

Illian Mobley

Andrea Marsavonian is the most wonderful and caring piano teacher we have ever met. She is compassionate and dedicated to her profession. We are truly blessed to have found her.

Mark Platt

Andrea Marsavonian is amazing. I absolutely recommend her for music, piano, and private instruction, whether for you, for your kids, for your parents, or for anyone! My time at Andrea Marsavonian's School of Music was a complete joy. Rarely will you ever find a teacher who is the whole package: both patient and pleasant, humorous yet no-nonsense; fun, yet very disciplined. Andrea, I can very safely say, is my favorite instructor I have EVER had.

Joe Kozera

Ms. Andrea teaches my daughter Piano and what a wonderful teacher she is. She is very knowledgeable and very good with kids. My daughter loves her.

Rupa Joshi

She is the best teacher I've ever met she's soo good She does not get irritated easily she is very well trained and has a great personality!

Krishna Sahay

My name is Pat. I am a retired Lt Col from the USAF and it is my distinct pleasure and honor to recommend Andrea Marsavonian as a piano teacher. Andrea was my teacher for two years when I lived in Virginia. She is simply awesome. If I lived anywhere in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, you better believe that not only I but also my two little boys would be taking piano lessons with her. Andrea is an exceptionally talented pianist. She has perfect pitch and can play anything. I remember when she worked with me to put together a customized arrangement of Danny Boy, my father's favorite song. She then helped me master it in time for dad's surprise 70th birthday party. That was one of the few times I saw dad cry. Her lessons were never dull or a chore. She made them fun and I always looked forward to the next one. Young or old; beginner through advanced; classical, jazz, honky-tonk or pop Andrea is the teacher for you. If you have a genuine desire to learn, she will partner with you to achieve remarkable results faster than you ever imagined possible.

Patrick Mckeever

Ms. Marsavonian is at the top of her class as an instructor, she has the patience of an angel and takes the time to ensure that her pupils understand every phase of their lessons. What an excellent pianist she is in addition to teaching. She hears everything, every note and nuance of the music she so obviously loves. She not only teaches her pupils to play but also instills a love of music in each one who happens to come to her class. She is outstanding and anyone having the opportunity to learn from her has been blessed with God given talent.

June Lawrence

Ms. Andrea Marsavonian does not just teach, she creates interest in learning piano. My son started taking piano lessons with Ms.Andrea in Jan 2012. I never have had to ask him to practice. He dashes off to his piano as soon as he comes back from her class and does all the work by himself. He is only seven. She is an amazing teacher and her constant encouragement did not just create interest in learning music; but also, to explore and create something new. He composed his own song in July 2013.We are so glad that she took my son as her student.

Agila Subash

As a musician, it has been my humble observation that in the world of music instruction, the general rule is that many instructors often derive whatever success they enjoy, more from their social-networking skills and web presence, and less from their ability (or lack thereof) to effectively help their pupils develop their musical potential. Andrea Marsavonian represents the exception to the aforementioned rule. In addition to rendering world-class piano instruction, Andrea Marsavonian and her School of Music provide students (of all levels) positive support, musical development of their potential, and help with extrapolating it. Andrea also makes it a point to celebrate her student's respective individuality and creativity as people. In other words, Andrea Marsavonian is not just the "real deal," what she renders is what I call the "Total Package." Andrea not only effectively develops piano students, she also helps them become better individuals and citizens, which is what I call a win-win for both music and America. To be candid, I cannot say enough of kind words about this very special person and the blessings she has bestowed on so many who were lucky enough to study with her. If you or someone you know can benefit from studying with such a gifted pianist and instructor, you owe it to yourself (and them) to make-it-happen. For my money, energy and time, Andrea Marsavonian quite literally makes the world a better place one-note-at-a-time. Make the call. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your lifetime.

Christopher Todd, MBA

I have been taking Piano lessons with Ms. Marsavonian for about one year, and I really enjoy lessons with her. I really appreciate the amount of care and detail she puts into her lessons, and because of that I have improved exponentially. She has an amazing and experienced piano background that she is willing to share and teach in depth. She is also involved with organizations such as the National Guild of Piano Teachers.

Thomas Truong

I have had several music teachers in my life and none compare to her. Kind, patient, skillful and genuinely interested in her student's growth.

Guilherme Rosa

Andrea is a wonderful pianist, accomplished composer, and a great teacher. I highly recommend her!

Robert Reno

Great teaching!
John C. Marshall

Andrea Marsavonian has an incredible talent. She fills the hearts and souls of her students with love and discipline towards music. Not only is she an outstanding person alone, her skills are extremely advanced, and she teaches at every level. She transformed me into a much more prospective pianist in terms of jazz, and also widened my improvisation skills and technique tenfold. Andrea's own compositions and arrangements not only captures every bit of my ear, but also inspires me as a musician. Andrea is an amazing teacher and performer, and I would highly recommend her to all serious prospective musicians, as well as beginners.

Samuel Retter

From the first lesson I had with Ms. Andrea, I knew it was going to be a challenge. This was something I had never done before. I had some great times at my lessons, and I had some bad times. I was the most distracted child ever! I would twirl around on the piano bench, I would always want to "tap and count” way more than actually play, and I would rather listen to her play my favorite Disney songs than practice on my own. I was a very active child. I was involved with sports, had play dates, and had a brother and sister for my parents to worry about too. She always worked around my schedule and would have me late at night, on different days, or even twice in one week. I was that child that never wanted to practice. I came to lessons unprepared and it took me weeks to get "checks” on songs. I even got so frustrated practicing one time I broke a piano key at my house! But Ms. Andrea had a way with children. Whether it was playing an extra song at the end for me, or giving me an orange tic tac, she always made me feel really proud of myself.

When I started to write this, I started to think back on all the amazing times I had with Ms. Andrea. She made me actually have a passion for something.

She has taught me to be a great role model to women because that is what she is to me. I didn’t know it then, but piano has taught me a lot about myself. I listen to music and fall in love with songs because of the piano in it. Piano has taught me that once you start something, you have to finish it out. Ms. Andrea believed in me, and that made me believe in myself.

Learning a musical instrument is something that I will value forever. I could never imagine having a different mentor and teacher than Andrea Marsavonian. She really made piano special and I will always associate the piano with her.
Cayte E. Merryman

As you may or may not know, the reason we came to you was because of Matt who said to me one day, "Mom, we really need to find a really good jazz piano teacher". I asked Terry Greene, (the piano tuner), if he knew of anyone and he immediately mentioned you. He said that you were an excellent jazz pianist but in addition to being a talented musician you were also an excellent teacher. There are many good jazz musicians out there but not many who can teach. Matt was thrilled to be your student and acquired a good base for further jazz studies. He has taken jazz piano lessons at William and Mary with Harris Simon for the past 3 years and is now starting his fourth year with him. He is a senior now and has been in the jazz band since freshman year, (although he plays alto Sax in the band.) He is a music minor, math major and will probably start law school next year.

Robyn came to you after Matt and Lauren were already with you for a year. I knew that if Matt were taking lessons from you Lauren would want to as well, but I figured that Robyn was still little and I could get away with keeping her with the school piano teacher for at least a little while. (The school piano teacher was just so much more convenient since it meant no extra driving for me.) But during the summer I thought I'd let Robyn take from you since I was already driving Matt and Lauren to you anyway. I thought Robyn would go back to the school piano teacher in the fall but there was no way she was having any of that. She insisted she would be taking with you so that was that.....She is working on the 2nd movement of Beethoven's Pastoral Sonata Op.28. She still has her crazy gymnastics schedule, plus ballet and cello, but she seems to juggle everything pretty well. She is now a freshman in high school.

Lauren is now in her second year at Duke....I did see her take some of her piano music with her down to school so she must be doing something just for fun
Dr. Deborah J. Devendorf, MD


This is the only word I can use to sum up Ms. Marsavonian as a teacher and pianist.

When searching for a teacher for my son in 2003, who was then 10, a piano store owner told me of a woman who he said could give my son what I had in mind. Coming from a musical family, and being a professional singer, having a sister who was a concert pianist growing up, I knew music and knew I wanted my son to have his roots in classical and jazz.

We then paid her a visit and she played a few pieces for us. I knew she was going to be good, after all she had a concert grand, so she should be I thought, but " shock and awe" I never expected from a lady almost 70. With every stroke, the notes she played demanded your attention, you forgot all your cares, and was absolutely taken up into the moment.

The lessons, wow oh wow, ha, just gotta say "wow" is an understatement. Even though you know you're around a perfectionist, one whom not one little detail goes unoticed, bad or good, she is always behind you, like your own personal cheerleader, rooting for you, pressing you forward, giving you uppphhffs of confidence..she is such a wonderful presence ...grand...huge....yet she never makes you feel small, but rather all her huge energy just engulfs and uplifts you...making you feel so BIG!!! Even if you're having a bad day, when u leave Ms. Andrea, be certain she will have "always " put a smile on your face and a glow in your heart. Between the hugs and the giggles, the rebukes, and all the love and magic she gives each lesson, It's no wonder my son didn't have a problem ever missing a lesson purposely. I, mom, sat in on every single one of my son's lessons for 5 years and was amazed every single time by her approach, and her ability to give someone the feeling that they could be everything they desired in life...not just good, but great...Ms. Marsavonian goes for great things, and greatness in every single soul she mentors. She wasn't your run of the mill cheap, but worth every penny I had to spend and I have never regretted the investment, and neither has my son. We are both better people for being graced by your presence. WE miss you Andrea Marsavonian and love you dearly.
Bonnie and Preston Sawyer

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