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Guild Auditions

Students work all year to prepare a Memorized Program for their Guild Audition in May. They are not in competition with each other, only with themselves, to advance beyond and improve over how well they had performed the year before! They learn how to incorporate the high standards for piano performance, as promoted by the National Guild of Piano Teachers and the Teacher Division of The American College of Musicians. The levels of entry are determined by the number of memorized pieces: International, National, State, District and Local.

In her very early years, Andrea Marsavonian performed in the Guild Auditions for 13 consecutive years, and now passes on to her students the high standards of performance which celebrate Excellence!

"Stars Came Out to Play This Year"!!!

Of 12 students who entered in May, they earned 7 Superior Plus, Top Talent Ratings, 4 Superiors and one, who had studied for the shortest time, earned a Superior Minus! The Guild Auditions, known as the National Piano-Playing Auditions, are locally held at Steinway Hall -Plano.

Congratulations to Each of these remarkable students!!! Frisco IS also MUSIC!!!!

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